Straightship is an e-commerce fulfillment platform designed to support our customers logistical requirements throughout North America. Through a combination of company owned assets and partnering with best in class warehouse, middle-mile providers, and final mile couriers throughout North America, we can offer our customers an alternate delivery option to the USPS, Canada Post, Fedex, and UPS. We have competitive advantages on pricing, speed, and diversity of our product offerings. Our primary customers are large manufacturers, Freight Forwarders, and E-commerce platforms. Our customers are moving away from selling through traditional big box retailers, and instead selling directly to the end consumer. Straightship provides the logistics to allow our clients to effortlessly access their customers directly and efficiently.

Mission Statement

Seamlessly connecting shippers and their end customers through sustainable logistics and fullfilment services.


To make logistics easy by providing a simple to use, one stop shop for ecommerce fulfillment.


We operate facilities across North America providing the warehouse capacity to meet all your needs.